The Author

Adly H. Mondestin is a professional software developer with many years of development experience in different programming languages, and he is the CEO of ADMONSOFT TECHNOLOGY LLC.

Adly H. Mondestin was born in Hayti/Haiti and grew up on a farm with his grandfather where he learned about animals, plants and nature. He moved from Hayti to the United States in search for greener pastures. There, he completed a bachelor's degree in information technology and a master's degree in business administration. He has a passion for reading and writing and relishes in researching about everything necessary, specifically the hidden branches that people like to ignore.

He dreams to discover and reveals the true history or hidden history of the people of color based on concrete evidence that the world's academia seems to hide or reject for their own bias purposes.

The decision to write this book is because of those reasons, and to open the eyes of the blinds in order to show a world that has been hidden from them. 

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