Open Your Eyes

You have been lied to!

Reading this book will make you think and ask all the questions that you have never thought of asking. We are living in a world of surprises, but sometime we just don't care and simply want to continue our daily life while the enemy is working against you.  

For hundreds of years, The Red Man has been accomplishing his aims of destroying the planet, driving destruction to whatever and whoever gets in his way. This book reveals the truth behind his motives and aims and warns the readers to seize back their power from this deceptive foe's cataclysmic grip.

The world of surprises

We will never know a thing without our own form of education.
The TV interview about The Red Man




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What were the fallen angels?

We have been taught that all men evolved from some kind of ape, and many people in the world believe just that because of their lack of understanding of the earth and the things within it.

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Publisher ‏    : ‎ Infusedmedia (December 10, 2021)
Language ‏   : ‎ English
Paperback   ‏: ‎ 134 pages
ISBN-10 ‏     : ‎ 1955691347
ISBN-13 ‏      : ‎ 978-1955691345
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I consider this book to be one of the best books ever written about the "red man". It also talks about the creation stories which makes everything else interesting. The views being expressed by the author are solely his own yet I respect it and have admired his unique point of view. This book actually helped me understand more a different culture about the reds. I hope many would have the chance to read this masterpiece!

- Marither P. Schultz.

The book explains where mankind comes from, and it reveals a lot about evolution. The storyline brings back an awareness that is not based so heavily on materialism. There is something seriously wrong with the red man and its founders. On a dominant note, I just would like to note the ideology that some people are less than human and are worthless. I'm just loving this book to the bones and Science is becoming much more interesting.

- Claudia Karoline H. Grandin

Charles Darwin may be a genius but this author is one of a kind. This book offers a lot of wisdom that's short and precise. It shares valuable information concerning the American culture and the destruction of black families. I hope the author gets to write more of this kind of book. It's interesting and mind-boggling. I'm rating this five stars without any hesitation.

- Jeremiah A. Garrard Jr.

This book balances the chapters of its storyline. It's a story that provides both context and a roadmap for the survival of mankind. This book deserves a wide and thoughtful readership. The writing is thought-provoking and revelatory which makes a reader eager to read it. It's an important book as it penetrates to the very heart of the reader for clearing understanding of ourselves.

- Vivianne M. Neihardt

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